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Rosenthal AKA


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Rosenthal AKA




Sensi Seeds named this one after the famous author and cultivator Ed Rosenthal. Every grower knows his "Marijuana Grower's Handbook". He is one of the true greats of cannabis cultivation, so it makes sense to tie his name to such an outstanding strain. The AKA Rosenthal Super Bud is a perfect blend of representing sativas and indica qualities, resulting in a 50%-50% mix in most phenotypes a blend of tropical genes with the aroma of pineapple punch. This strain is a professional selection of the finest genes found in Africa, South East Asia, Central America and the Caribbean. Influence through subtle variations, with the sativa tendency resulting.

Yes the development and structure is large enough to bend into sweet aroma of pineapple actually an incredibly sweet aroma of this indica and sativa strain. 

Our Breeders were able to recreate the Ed Rosenthal Super bud without losing any characteristics.
The sativa or indica influence through subtle created the strong and incredibly sweet of the indica phenotype 

When you plan to grow this strain outdoors, be sure you live in a region with sunny and Mediterranean weather. Indoors, AKA Rosenthal Super Bud reaches an average height. Expect a 150% height increase when switching to the 12/12 cycle. Although the variation in phenotypes with this strain is relatively small, there are some that lean to one or the other side of the spectrum. More sativa-like phenotypes tend to produce huge oval calyxes that result in a pyramid of buds. Be sure to support the branches with these! The indica-like phenotypes form rich, snow-white pillars full of buds. A main cola as thick as an arm is nothing special with this phenotype. But all of them have the dense, indica-like flower structure and the sativa tendencies that make the buds swell in every direction. The plant can be harvested after 55-65 days.

While the high is super balanced, the aroma is strong and unbelievably sweet. It smells like pineapple and packs a real punch. AKA Rosenthal Super Bud will make you feel happy and euphoric, to say the least.

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Geslacht TypeVrouw
KweekZowel binnen als buiten
Gemiddelde Opbrengst550 - 650 g/m² in SOG
Bloeiperiode8 - 9 weken
LabelAKA strains

Ervaringen van gebruikers


  • Opgeheven
  • Euforisch
  • Vrolijk


  • Fruitig
  • Tropisch


★★★★★1 reviews

By Ronald posted on 2019-07-01 ★★★★★

Ik zag dat deze nieuw was en heb 'm gelijk besteld. Ik ben nl. zeer benieuwd naar de rosenthal :)

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