Top 10 UK's quickest cold climate autoflowering strains

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Written by Stoney Tark, known for his articles at High Times, Soft Secrets and Weed World.

Update on 24 June, 2022. 8 minutes read

Cold Weather

The UK is well known for its underground grow scene, famous clones and a strong breeding circle. One of the reasons the indoor scene thrives is due to the hit or miss weather that can be expected living there.

For most part of the year, the skies are gray with the odd spell of sunshine, usually accompanied by a light shower, or sweltering hot Summers. The Spring and Summer months can reach around 24 degrees, followed by a cold and frigid Winter.

It can be hard work adapting to warm, wet and humid British climates. Once Winter quickly approaches, battling pathogens and disease, such as mold or powdery mildew, can literally make or break a grower.

One of the best traits about autoflowering Cannabis plants is how they will grow and flower without any set photoperiod. Combined with high resistance to the outdoor elements, not only does this make it very easy to grow, and require little maintenance, you can rest assured your precious frosted nugs stay well protected and flourish as intended.

Autoflowering plants keep a low profile, helping you keep your secret garden safe and well hidden from neighbors and the local authorities.

Nirvana’s quickest autoflowers to grow in UK’s cold climate

As an outdoor grower in the UK., it is a wise move to work with cultivars that will ensure you can harvest mature plants with no issues. So we have taken the trouble of making a top 10 list of the best feminized auto-flowering candidates, so save you the time and make life easy! 

All of the autos found in this list are the fastest flowering cultivars, and best equipped to tackle cold and difficult seasons outdoors.

1. Northern Lights Auto

We kick start this list with an old school beast. Northern Light Autoflowering was created using Short Rider and our keeper Northern Lights female. Fast flowering, big yields and one of the most resilient strains on the market make her a great choice for the UK.

She can endure cold and wet days with ease, and is not bothered by mold. Northern Lights requires almost no maintenance once planted, and is the perfect beginner grower cultivar.

She will produce very impressive results even for a first time grower, where yields of 60-80 grams / 0.13-0.17 lbs per plant can be achieved.

Her growth structure will be short and stocky, and, thanks to her low odor profile, can be planted on a terrace, balcony or green house without causing problems.

The smell and taste can be described as a sweet, earthy pine with floral overtones. A well-balanced effect that over times becomes more heavy

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2. Gelato Auto

One of the US best strains, now in autoflower form, was created by crossing Short Rider with Gelato.

Thanks to the lineage, she is a rapidly fast flowering auto that produces top shelf flowers. She can be ready to harvests from seed in 56-63 days, making her ideal for short seasons.

Gelato Autoflower has off the charts flavors and is able to perform well in more challenging climates. Outdoors yields of 90-120 grams / 0.19-0.26 lbs per plant can be expected.

A short and bushy plant that is great for low profile outdoor or greenhouse growing. Exceptionally fast flowering with high resistance levels to mold and other pathogens.

Expect the aroma and flavor to have a spicy, fruity, and woody profile, with overtones of vanilla and cookie sweetness. The effects are euphoric, creative and upbeat.

Discover Nirvana’s Gelato Autoflower for just £32 (5-pack).

3. Zkittlez Auto

Zkittlez Autoflower is an autoflowering version of the cup winning strain, created crossing autoflowering genetics and Zkittlez.

From seed to harvest, plants can be ready to harvest in 11-12 weeks, making her ideal for Summer time grow cycles. A medium-sized plant that does not want much looking after and will do great in all climates.

Growers who love Zkittlez know how special her terpene profile is and how sticky the buds are. Outdoors Zkittlez Autoflower can yield up to 90-110 grams / 0.19-0.24 lbs per plant.

She may be more at risk of mold if the environment is too humid, so make sure the buds have plenty of air flow.

The flavor and aroma is similar to candy shop, lemon, berry, with fruity and floral sweetness. She will keep you energized, alert and feeling good all day.

Discover Nirvana’s Zkittlez Autoflower for just £32 (5-pack).

4. Super Skunk Auto

Super Skunk Autoflower was created by crossing our school keeper of Skunk with autoflowering genetics.

A superb performer that is very productive, and does not have issues with mold and repels insects and bugs. An excellent beginner strain that keeps low, and enjoys a heavy feeding. Thanks to her short height, she makes a wonderful sea of green or stealth plants for greenhouses.

Outdoors, Super Skunk Auto can produce 90-120 grams / 0.20-0.26 lbs per plant. Beware that as she flowers, her aroma can have a loud, and pungent funk that may attract unwanted attention.

The aroma and taste is earthy, skunky, spicey, with notes of pepper and floral overtones. Her effects are well balanced, and can be more cerebral than physical.

Discover Nirvana’s Super Skunk Autoflower for just £32 (5-pack).

5. Blue Cheese Auto

A very well known strain from the UK now in autoflowering form, created by crossing Blue Cheese with autoflowering genetics.

She only needs 9-10 weeks from seed to harvests, and is extremely tough also. Thanks to her parental lineage, Blue Cheese Auto is very robust and can withstand cold nights and wet days. Very easy to grow and will produce rock hard golf ball sized nugs that pack a punch.

Outdoors, this autoflowering cultivar can produce 90-110 grams / 0.20-0.24 lbs per plant. Another one of our more aromatic autos, so take care if you have neighbors close by. Due to her bushy and stocky appearance, she can be easily camouflaged.

Her taste and aroma can be described as a skunky, creamy, earthy sweetness with a pungent blueberry aftertaste. The effects are heavy hitting and are best for evening times.

Discover Nirvana’s Blue Cheese Autoflower for just £32 (5-pack).

6. Girl Scout Cookies Auto

We crossed the world-famous Girl Scout Cookies with our best autoflower genetics.
The result is a tough, fast finishing variety that does not stretch much. Cold and wet weather do not bother her much, and there is no need for much maintenance.

Girl Scout Cookies Auto will produce incredible terpenes, extra frosty buds and purple tinted buds. Outdoors, this lady can produce 90 grams / 0.19 lbs per plant. She is short sized, fast flowering variety only needing 9-10 weeks. Easy to grow and can be planted several times a year.

Expect bold spicy, cookie doe aromas and flavors that have spicy, sweet and vanilla over tones combined with a blissful and euphoric, powerful effect.

Discover Nirvana’s Girl Scout Cookies Autoflower for just £28 (5-pack).

7. Aurora Indica Auto

Aurora Indica auto is a cross of Aurora Indica and autoflowering genetics. She likes to stay short, requires little maintenance and flowers on her own. A very productive autoflower who can withstand frosty nights and cold humid days.

Nirvana’s Aurora Indica is a rapid flowering variety who only needs 9 weeks. She does not depend on a set photoperiod, so can be planted with great results during the hot Summer months. Outdoors, this autoflowering hybrid can produce 80-100 grams / 0.18-0.22 lbs per plant.

Aurora Indica auto works superb in a Sea of Green set up, and for those with small spaces. A very resilient auto that can be left alone without much support.

The aroma and taste can be described as musky, pungent, peppery, spicy and herbal. Effects will be representative of indica, meaning a heavy bodies and low energy experience.

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8. Blue Mystic Auto

We finish the list with Blue Mystic Auto, who was created after crossing Short Rider and Blue Mystic. Thanks to her parents, she is a very resilient and tough plant, that copes well with large amounts of nutrients, and high humidity.

She does not take long from seed to harvest, making her perfect for British Summers. Plants stay short, repels insects and bugs, and will grow with an indica dominance giving her a short final height.

Outdoors, Blue Mystic Autoflower can produce 80-90 grams / 0.17-0.19 lbs per plant, and will require 10-11 weeks. A wonderful low profile cultivar that stretches very little and does not need supporting.

She has a perfume sweet blueberry, spicy and woody terpene profile. Her effects will have you feeling energized, clear minded with waves of euphoria.

Discover Nirvana’s Blue Mystic Autoflower for just £24 (5-pack).

9. Blueberry Kush Auto

Blueberry Kush Auto is a potent indica dominant autoflowering hybrid, made by crossing our best female Blueberry Kush with autoflowering genetics.

A short in height and very tough and resilient cultivar. She loves all types of weather and will do very well during cold nights.

A very easy to grow auto, that works excellently well in a Sea of Green and small terrace or rooftop space. Flowering time can be as quick as 8-10 weeks, making Blueberry Kush auto a wise choice for hot Summers and cold Winters.

Outdoors, this cultivar is capable of yielding up to 90 grams / 3.2 oz per plant. A great starting strain for a beginner, and thanks to her resistance to mold and mildew, she works wonderfully in a UK climate. Beware that during late flower, plants can become very aromatic and pungent smelling. The effects are potent and heavy bodied, making her a wise evening time smoke.

Discover Nirvana’s Blueberry Kush Autoflower for just £24 (5-pack).

10. Original Glue Auto

We finish this list off with Original Glue Auto. A fast flowering strain, that is a cross of Original Glue and autoflowering genetics. The result is a potent, heavily resinous cultivar that is easy to grow and requires little maintenance.

Just like Original Glue, this autoflowering version can be planted over the Summer months and will produce incredible results for even a first time grower. Some plants will be ready from seed to harvest within 9-10 weeks, making her a quick and sturdy strain, who can endure heat stress with ease.

Outdoors, Original Glue Auto can produce up to 90 grams / 3.2 oz per plant, of extremely sticky and pungent smelling buds. This lady can also take high amounts of nutrients and likes to yield heavily.

The aroma and taste can be described as a pungent, chemical, solvent, glue and earthy profile with hints of pine. Her effects can be devastatingly strong, so be warned, otherwise you will find your eyes feel like they are glued shut.

Discover Nirvana’s Original Glue Autoflower for just £28 (5-pack).

Honorable mentions

Big Bud Auto might not have made the Top 10 list, it is well suited for weather associated with the UK, and produce superb results!

Grow Nirvana’s autoflower seeds outdoors in the UK

The most important thing about being a good grower is being able to adapt to your environment. This can mean being familiar with the climate and having your genetics dialed in, as far as nutrients and training is concerned.

Thanks to the incredible diversity of autoflowering cannabis hybrids, adapting to any environment just got much easier, allowing even outdoor growers in the UK spectacular results during the Summer months.

Ik hoop dat dit nuttig was en uw vragen beantwoordde. Zo niet, dan kunt u altijd contact ik en stel uw vragen direct!

~ Alice

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