Top 10 best strains to grow in New York

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Written by Stoney Tark, known for his articles at High Times, Soft Secrets and Weed World.

Update on 24 June, 2022. 8 minutes read

They say there is no place like New York, and it is so good they named it twice! Originally named New Amsterdam before being permanently changed to New York, the East Coast of the US is well known for its connoisseur smokers, breeders and flourishing grow scene.

Coined as “The Beast Coast” and always ready to prove who has the best flowers, New York experiences hot and humid Summer months, thanks to its close proximity to the Atlantic Ocean. Winters in New York can be hard core, with rainy and snow engulfing weather that only true New Yorkers can testify to!

We are proud to present the top 10 strains to give you the upper hand when planting outdoors in New York. All of these strains have exceptional resilience to hot and cold weather, great yielders and the majority are easy to grow and ideal entry level strains for a beginner.

Nirvana’s Best Outdoor Strains to Grow in New York

Below you will find our top ten best strains to grow outdoors in New York. Our team has carefully narrowed down the absolute best photoperiod and autoflowering cultivars for hot Summer months followed by short and snappy Winters. You will never need to be concerned again about producing low yielding plants with the list found below!

1. OG Kush

OG Kush was created after crossing Chemdawg, Hindu Kush and Magic together.

She is a very tough and resilient strain that can endure colder weather. A very resilient hybrid that withstands mold and powdery mildew with ease.

She is a solid performer in all climates and has no issues with heat stress or cold nights. OG Kush is capable of yielding up to 400 grams / 14 oz per plant outdoors within 7-9 weeks.

OG Kush reacts incredibly well to training, and her aroma when flowering is very pungent and loud, so be careful if you have neighbors close by.

Extremely pungent and powerful aromas, earthy, fuel and pine flavor as well as a soaring euphoric effect that sparks creativity and focus.

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2. Zkittlez

Zkittlez was created after crossing Grape Ape and Grapefruit genetics.

She thrives outdoors during hot Summers and will produce terpene rich frosted buds with challenging weather. An easy to grow cultivar that requires little maintenance once flowering.

Unbelievably flavorsome flowers that even a beginner grower will find to be special. Outdoors, Zkittlez has the potential to produce up to 1000 grams / 35.3 oz per plant in 8-10 weeks.

Due to her fluffy velvet texture leaves, she may be quite susceptible to mold and mildew, when conditions are wet and humid, so be extra vigilant during flower production.

Expect jaw dropping candy lemon and sweet berry aromas and terpenes, with an upbeat, feel good vibe that is perfect for morning until evening.

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3. Blue Dream

Blue Dream is a cross of Blueberry and Haze #1, that represent the best of indica and sativa genetics. A heavy producing hybrid that is perfect for beginners and very resistant.

As her name suggests, she is a dream to grow and outdoors is able to produce excellent results in all climates.

If yield is high on your priority list, then Blue Dream is a winner, who is capable of finishing in as little as 7 weeks. Outdoors she is a top performer, meaning yields of up to 1200 grams / 42.3 oz per plant, under the right circumstances.

It is a good idea to add support after the first few weeks of flower production, as her side branches can become very heavy and begin to topple over.

Wonderful exotic and tropical fruity and berry flavors, with an energizing relaxed and well balanced effect.

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4. Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel is a world renown strain that was created by crossing Chemdog and Super Skunk strains. She does very well during hot Summers and withstands colder nighttime temperatures. This cultivar may be difficult to grow, however produces large yields in 9-11 weeks, or fuel scented buds that pack a punch under the worst weather.

Apart from her large sized yields, she reacts incredibly well to plant training, and grows huge in some cases outdoors. Under the right conditions, Sour Diesel is able to produce up to 1000 grams / 35.3 oz per plant.

Thanks to her strong fuel and gas terpene profile, insects do not bother her much, and she is very tough and resistant to mold.

The terpenes are pungent and eye wateringly sharp, with fuel and citrus notes. Her effect will keep you in a dream state with a big smile on your face.

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5. Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake is a cross of Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie and has become a house-hold name across the globe. A quick finishing variety that is resistant to mold, mildew and hot or cold climates. Exceptional terpene profile that firs time growers will have great results with.

A beautiful bud structure that is plastered with resin, and a great producer of hash and rosin. Outdoors, she is capable of yielding up to 500 grams / 17.6 oz per plant.

She will stay low and not stretch much once flowering starts. She can become pungent during the final weeks of flower, so be careful if you have neighbors close by.

Her flavor and aroma is a bold, sour, tangy and earthy profile with overtones of vanilla cookies. The effect is upbeat and relaxing with a feel good factor.

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6. Northern Lights

An old school blast from the past that was created after crossing Afghani genetics together.
Northern Light is of the most reliable, resilient and trustworthy outdoor cultivars on the market. With her exceptional resistant levels to heat stress, cold weather, mold and mildew, she is a true performer.

Rock hard buds, big yields and fast flowering time make this strain special. Outdoors, Northern Lights is capable of producing up to 600 grams / 21.2 oz per plant.

A low odor variety that is excellent for stealthy grows, who does not get bothered by cold and wet climates.

The taste and aroma is a bold, earthy, pine, musky, peppery and sweet terpene profile. Her effects are giggly, relaxing, and great for inducing creativity.

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7. Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies is a cross of OG Kush genetics with a South African landrace from Durban.

Plants grow to a medium height and will be ready to harvest in a short time of 8-9 weeks, making her a quick finisher. A very robust cultivar that is able to grow in hot climates and perform very well once things get a bit more challenging as Winter approaches.

She is a frost monster of the highest order, that will fight off mold and powdery mildew with ease. A wonderful choice for Sea of Green setups.

Outdoors, she is capable of producing up to 500 grams / 17.6 oz per plant. With training during the growing period, she can produce even more and can be left in colder climates with no serious issues.

Her aroma and flavor is a bold, cookie dough, earthy, dankness that has sweet overtones. The effect is highly motivating, energized and excited.

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8. Blue Cheese Auto

Blue Cheese auto was created by crossing the UK’s best Cheese clone with a Blueberry.

Super tough plants that stay medium height, enduring heat stress and cold temperatures.
A fast autoflowering variety that fights off mold and other pathogens. As well as low maintenance and perfect for beginners. Big fat buds of stinking loud terpenes that take between 10 weeks to flower.

Outdoors Blue Cheese auto is capable of producing 110 grams / 3.9 oz per plant. We don’t call her Blue Cheese auto for nothing, so be prepared to potentially stink the neighborhood out. She reacts incredibly well to topping, L.S.T and hot climates.

Expect her to be insanely aromatic with a dank, creamy, sweet, blueberry and creamy cheese flavor.

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9. Big Bud Auto

Big Bud Auto is an old school strain of Skunk that was crossed with autoflowering genetics.

She is autoflowering, extra tough and will provide great yields under the worst conditions.
From seed to harvest, it will take only 9 weeks before plants are ready to harvest, making her a quick growing cultivar. Very tough and very resilient to mold, making her a good choice for colder climates.

Outdoors, Big Bud auto will yield up to 120 grams / 4.2 oz per plant. One of the biggest producing autos we offer, as well as one of the quickest.

The aroma and taste of the buds can be described as earthy sweet, with strong floral overtones. Effects are dreamy, uplifting, however over time can become more heavy and physical.

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10. Aurora Indica Auto

Aurora Indica Auto is a cross made using Aurora Indica with our best autoflowering genetics.

Thanks to her indica and ruderalis parents, you can expect plants to be extra tough and resilient to challenging outdoor weather. With a flowering time of 9 weeks from seed to harvest, and a short and stocky profile, Aurora Indica Auto is well suited for short Summers.
An easy to grow auto, that is perfect for Sea of Green setups. Ideal for beginner growers who need something reliable and low maintenance.

Outdoors, yields of up to 100 grams / 3.5 oz per plant can be harvested in a very quick time. She does not get bothered by mold or powdery mildew, and can withstand harsh and cold winds.

The taste and smell can be described as earthy, herbal and spicy with a lingering pungency. The effects are hard hitting, physical and quite intense. A definite couch lock variety.

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Honorable mentions

These may not have made the Top 10 list, however AK-48 Feminized, Critical Feminized, and Green Poison Feminized are all fast finishers and well suited for colder Winters.

Let’s grow Nirvana strains in New York!

Growing outdoors can be an extremely rewarding time of the year. Working with the wrong genetics that are not able to finish in time or produce very little in return on investment, can be a real confidence breaker.

We are very happy to provide this list of the 10 best photoperiod and autoflowering strains for growing outdoors in New York, to help you on your way to becoming the best outdoor grower possible. Our list and honorable mentions will ensure that all your plants are able to fully mature and produce the best quality flower in terms of aroma, flavor, potency, and yield!

Ik hoop dat dit nuttig was en uw vragen beantwoordde. Zo niet, dan kunt u altijd contact ik en stel uw vragen direct!

~ Alice

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