Top 10 Best outdoor strains to grow in Michigan

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Written by Stoney Tark, known from his articles at High Times, Soft Secrets and Weed World.

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Michigan is located in the Midwest and is known for its strong fishing scene and long coastline that extends as far as 3228 miles. Needless to say with such close proximity to the water, the Upper Peninsula and almost being a neighbor with Canada, Michigan state experiences all types of weather and unfortunately cloudy days for and cold Winters are not uncommon.

With a recreational legal market, Michigan has become well versed in the growing scene, with expos, cups, and many other events bringing the spotlight to a humble and busy city. Growing outdoors in a place that is known for cold and windy weather, can have some serious disadvantages unless you are using tough, resilient, hardy and resistant cultivars.

Nirvana’s best strains to grow in Michigan

Michigan is a state that celebrates recreational laws and in recent years has put itself on the Cannabis map! Faced with year long cloudy days that can be uncomfortably cold, mild Summers and brisk and chilly Winter seasons, it can feel almost impossible to produce a top shelf harvest outdoors.

However, we have taken time to find a top 10 list of the toughest and most resilient photoperiod and autoflowering cultivars we offer, to ensure you get through the season with no issues!

1. K2

K2 fem

We kick start this list with an old school legend that is a cross of White Widow and Hindu Kush. A solid performer who thanks to her parents has incredible resistance to mold and mildew.

She is a fast flowering variety with epic yields of golf ball sized nugs. K2 feminized can adapt to extreme heat stress, and cold Winters and heavy winds, producing amazing quality buds.

Outdoors, K2 is capable of producing 500 grams (17.5 oz) per plant in 8-9 weeks, and even more with training. This cultivar will express hybrid vigor and grow into medium sized plants that are easy to train. Unbelievably tough and wind resistant plants.

K2 has a very spicy, earthy, sweet and pine based terpene profile. The effects are a mixture of happy, relaxed and chilled with plenty of creative energy and focus.

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2. Bubble Kush

Bubble Kush fem

Another versatile and resistant hybrid, Bubble Kush, is a cross of OG Kush and Bubblegum.

Due to her medium-sized and stocky appearance, Bubble Kush can withstand strong winds, and cold nighttime temperatures. An excellent candidate for SOG setups, as well as her fast flowering time and very large yields.

Thanks to her Kush and Skunk lineage, expect plants to thrive in all conditions, especially with colder weather. Outdoors, Bubble Kush can produce a very generous 750 grams (26.5 oz) per plant in 8-9 weeks.

A very easy to grow strain, ideal for beginners, and one that can be left without much maintenance. It is worth taking care outdoors, as she can become very pungent during bloom.

The smell and taste are a mixture of fruity, floral, dank, sandalwood and citrus. Her effects are heavy hitting and will take its toll over time, making you feel sleepy and lethargic.

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3. Master Kush

master kush

We present another Kush hybrid made by crossing Skunk #1 and Hindu Kush.
A very productive hybrid with a rapid flowering time, and tough resilience to mold. Thanks to her short and sturdy size, she is able to withstand heavy winds, as well as low temperatures. An excellent choice for Sea of Green, and a plant that can take large amounts of nutrients.

Outdoors, Master Kush feminized can yield up to 500 grams (17.5 oz) per plant in 7-9 weeks. During the end of flower, the aroma can become very pungent, so be careful if you have neighbors close by. A tough cultivar that is not phased by mold or wet and cold conditions.

She is a mixture of earthy, gassy, pepper and spice with strong overtones of citrus, pine and woody notes.

Discover Nirvana’s Master Kush Feminized for just 30 USD (5-pack).

4. AK-48

AK fem

An old school legend that was made by crossing Colombian Gold, Thai, Mexican, and Afghani genetics.

Extremely resistant to cold and windy weather, with a rapid flowering time of 7-9 weeks. Easy to grow and a must-have for Sea of Green setups. The buds do not get affected by mold and can endure cold and wet seasons.

Outdoors, AK-48 feminized is able to produce yields of 750 grams (26.5 oz) per plant. This hybrid does not take up lots of space when flowering, and with such a rapid flowering time, reduces the risk of immature plants come harvest time.

The smell and taste can be described as sweet, earthy and floral with hints of pepper and spice. At first her effects are high energy and very social and over time, become more heavy and demotivating.

Discover Nirvana’s AK-48 Feminized for just 30 USD (5-pack).

If you prefer to grow with autoflowers, please have a look at our AK48 Autoflower seeds.

5. Critical


Critical is a cross of Critical Mass and OG Kush, resulting in a massive yielding hybrid.

With plants only needing 7-9 weeks flower time, it is well suited for the cold and windy seasons in Michigan. Perfect for first time growers, as she requires little maintenance and is very wind resistant. Extremely tough and versatile, Critical will produce excellent results and does not require time before being ready.

Outdoors she is capable of yielding up to 1000+ grams (35.3 oz) per plant. The buds can grow very large and side branches will need supporting. Mold and mildew do not bother this cultivar much.

The aroma and taste will be a fruity, sweet, and tropical scent that has a skunky and earthy base. The effect is upbeat, talkative, and full of energy and motivation.

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If you prefer to grow with autoflowers, please have a look at our Critical Autoflower seeds.

6. Green Poison

Green poison

Green Poison is a result of back crossing, and is a very fast and productive cultivar.

Made up of super resilient parents, she can take heat stress with ease and cold and wet days do not bother her much. Some phenotype will be ready in 7 weeks, making her a perfect fit for short Summers. The plants stay short and bushy, making her a wise choice for a Sea of Green and growing large amounts of flowers.

Outdoors Green Poison feminized can produce 650 grams (23 oz) per plant.

The aroma and taste can be described as sweet, tropical, fruity, sour with a pungent edge. Her effects will put a big smile on your face, and lay heavy on your eyelids, arms, and legs.

Discover Nirvana’s Green Poison Feminized for just 30 USD (5-pack).

7. White Rhino

White Rhino

White Rhino is an old school legend and was created by crossing White Widow and Afghani genetics.

An old school veteran that loves hot climates and performs amazingly well with colder climates. Very productive and easy to grow plants that love heavy amounts of nutrients.

A great choice for a beginner grower. She repels insects, and plant pathogens such as powdery mildew and mold, which may be a problem in Michigan.

Outdoors, White Rhino can yield up to 750 grams (26.5 oz) per plant in 8-9 weeks. In a large sized pot, plants can get enormous and will need supporting.

The aroma and flavor is an old school minty, earthy, sweet, musky profile with an effect that is very therapeutic and potent…hence the name Rhino.

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8. Blue Dream Auto

Blue Dream auto

A fast flowering autoflowering hybrid created by crossing Blue Dream and autoflowering genetics.

Thanks to her autoflowering genetics, she can finish fast, meaning cold daytime temperatures and cloudy days are not a concern. Blue Dream Auto can be planted over the Summer months and will produce very good results. An easy to grow auto that can endure cold, windy conditions. She will automatically flower and does not require much maintaining.

Outdoors, Blue Dream Auto can produce 90 grams (3 oz) per plant, requiring only 9-10 weeds from seed to harvest. She is great for rooftops, green houses and anywhere that may get windy. High resistance to mold and repels insects.

Her buds have a very sweet, floral, and berry aroma and flavor, with an effect that will keep you chatting away in deep conversation, upbeat and happy with a rising euphoria.

We currently have, however If you prefer to grow with autoflowers, please have a look at our on offer on our website.

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9. Gelato Auto

Gelato Auto

Gelato Auto is a cross of Gelato and our best autoflowering genetics.

A very quick auto-flowering hybrid that can be left from seed to harvests in one large pot. Thanks to her autoflowering parents, she can take cold and wet weather, chilling winds and will do great even during cloudy Summers. Gelato is well known for her mouth watering terpenes and rock hard buds, and now she can be ready to harvest from seed within 9 weeks.

Outdoors, she has the ability to produce up to 120 grams (4 oz) per plant. She will stay short and stocky, making her ideal for back gardens and greenhouses. Very high resistance to pathogens such as powdery mildew and mold.

Expect vanilla, spiced, peppery, earthy terpenes with a citrus and woody kick. Her effects are strong and long lasting, and over time may sit you down on the nearest sofa.

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10. Blue Mystic Auto

Blue Mystic auto

Blue Mystic Auto is a very reliable autoflower made by crossing Blue Mystic and Short Rider.

Plants will stay low and squat and not need much maintenance. A fast flowering autoflower that only needs 10-11, so ideal for short Summers. Ideal in a Sea of Green set up, and thanks to her short appearance can take windy conditions with ease. A great beginner grower strain, and perfect for balconies or a terrace.

Outdoors, Blue Mystic Auto can produce 90 grams (3 oz) per plant Her buds will be fluffy and covered in resin, and not suffer from mold. Ideal for small grow spaces and an autoflower that is easy to hide.

Aroma and taste can be described as a deeply fruity, blueberry, woody and floral berry terpene profile. Blue Mystic Auto has a euphoric and blissful effect that lasts for hours, keeping a big smile across your face in a giggly mind set.

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Honorable mentions

These may not have made the Top 10 list, however Ice Feminized, Sweet Tooth Feminized, and Nicole Kush Feminized will surely produce excellent quality flowers and impressive yields!

Let’s grow Nirvana outdoor strains in Michigan!

Michigan's state may be one of the most difficult places to grow Cannabis plants outdoors. Combined with low temperatures all year round and spine-chilling winds, the weather takes no prisoners!

We hope that the top 10 list as well as our honorable mentions will give you the leverage you need to keep your curing jars full, and to share with your friends and colleagues at a recreational level!

Ik hoop dat dit nuttig was en uw vragen beantwoordde. Zo niet, dan kunt u altijd contact ik en stel uw vragen direct!

~ Alice

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