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Germination methodes

Most growers germinate their seeds in a starter cube or seedling plug. Some growers use the wet paper towel trick or just simply plant their seeds into the medium that they will use for veg and/or flowering.

I almost always just stick my seeds about knuckle deep (0.5 - 1in) into its final growing medium. I love this method, but it makes it impossible for getting runoff until late veg. You can combat that though by simply growing into a smaller version of your grow medium and then transplant your plants once they outgrow it in early veg.

I recommend this if you’re comfortable transplanting your plants, as I think calculating your runoff ppm is great for figuring out how much you should feed and when. Even different phenotypes of the same strain will require their own unique feeding amount.

Going the way nature intended and germinating in the final grow medium is what I recommend to growers that are growing in soil or soilless like coco coir. Just make sure you have decent light (around 100 watts is fine) on the soil and that the top of soil looks and feels slightly wet. For hydro/re-circulating growers I recommend germinating in a Rapid Rooter that’s in a propagator.

TemperatureAround 21° C (70° Fahrenheit)