Anonymous Order/Payment

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We offer the most anoymous way of ordering your Nirvana seeds.
Using John Doe seed order option you will get a PDF file to print (without any related details of cannabis)
This print you can print and sens with the amount in enveloppe to us.

This all is totally Anonymous !

Stay anonymous

Use this option if you want your personal information to be kept secret.

  • No stored data
  • No tracking
  • Cash only (5% discount)

Checkout anonymously

INSTRUCTIONS: Take a sturdy envelope. Write the Themis Address on the envelope. Add EUR € 23.75 paper money. (We do not accept coins) Add this form, seal the envelope, stamp and mail it. IMPORTANT: Send PAPER MONEY only. We are UNABLE TO EXCHANGE: coins, checks, PayPal and Money Orders. We accept the following currencies: EUR(€), USD($), PLN(zł), GBP(£) and CAD(C$). Only send your cash by REGISTERED MAIL. You can also use a courier, (i.e: DHL or UPS). Do NOT use FedEx! We CANNOT be held responsible for payments that do not reach us. Sending cash is always at YOUR OWN RISK. We do NOT send out an order if we did not receive the payment!

Ik hoop dat dit nuttig was en uw vragen beantwoordde. Zo niet, dan kunt u altijd contact ik en stel uw vragen direct!

~ Alice